Patient Testimonials

Jose Ramos

MMJ has had a major impact on my health in a positive way.  Nights, mornings and day's I would be in constant pain.  To reduse this feeling, i Started to consume MMJ.  Now I can sleep through the night without feeling pain. 

Rachel T

I started using MMJ after struggling to get my A1C &  bloodsugars under control.  I was injecting insulin 2x per day. After using MMJ I have been OFF Insulin now for almost a year.

A. Gibbs

Before finding medical marijuana, I was on a lot of different opiate pain medications. None of which helped and/or dealt with terrible side effects from using opiate pain medication. I have used MMJ in place of the pain medication since October 2016.  I enjoy the "side Effects" of MMJ Where as the side effects of long term opiode use is dangerous.  I'm Thankful I have found something that's helpful without all the negative side effects.  Also I recommend MMJ to those who suffer from PTSD, It's helped tremendously.  MMJ Has reduced my anxiety, has helped me sleep without having nightmares or sleep walking.  MMJ has improved my overall quality of life.