Patient Testimonials

Echo H.

 My family and I live in Washington state as a middle-class family transplanted from the South, numbering three humans and two cats. My husband works for Uncle Sam; my daughter plays her part as an adorable kindergartener; and I function as housewife and domiciliary mother. Holistic Evaluations in Kent in Washington state is my family’s preferred clinic for medical marijuana evaluations—a godsend completely worth the forty-mile drive from the Valley.

My town does not lack accessible medical marijuana-evaluating clinics and practitioners, but Holistic Evaluations surpasses my personal expectations regarding what constitutes a proper provider and thus far exceeds any inconvenience incurred in traveling. Appointment scheduling is a piece of cake; Dr. Rolando never makes me wait beyond my appointment time; and the doctor and staff treat me with respect, never making me feel patronized or insignificant. I always feel valued and important. The Naturopath addresses my concerns succinctly and thoroughly. Services received are affordable and reasonable, and the clinic sits in a gorgeous part of the city.

My daughter has Autism, a speech delay, and ADHD. As a two year-old, she could not speak. She did not answer to her name. Now she is about to be six. She is in kindergarten, and she can read some words, articulate some things, and is learning some mathematics. All thanks to a combination of speech therapy, ABA, and the addition of medicinal marijuana, especially with a relatively high CBD content.

She sleeps at night—I cut her dose of melatonin by more than half. No more late nights of her staying up until 4 am and waking up at 6 am. We tried Ritalin and Adderall, and different versions of the same chemicals. We have tried various probiotics and different things suggested by anecdotes of moms and dads with autistic kids. I put up with constant screaming—sometimes up to over ten hours a day—which the ADHD drugs worsened.

I got my daughter back.

Thank you, medical marijuana.

Thank you, CBD.

Thank you, Dr. Rolando, and the team at Holistic Evaluations in Kent. 

A. Gibbs

Before finding medical marijuana, I was on a lot of different opiate pain medications. None of which helped and/or dealt with terrible side effects from using opiate pain medication. I have used MMJ in place of the pain medication since October 2016.  I enjoy the "side Effects" of MMJ Where as the side effects of long term opiode use is dangerous.  I'm Thankful I have found something that's helpful without all the negative side effects.  Also I recommend MMJ to those who suffer from PTSD, It's helped tremendously.  MMJ Has reduced my anxiety, has helped me sleep without having nightmares or sleep walking.  MMJ has improved my overall quality of life.

Jose Ramos

MMJ has had a major impact on my health in a positive way.  Nights, mornings and day's I would be in constant pain.  To reduse this feeling, i Started to consume MMJ.  Now I can sleep through the night without feeling pain. 

Rachel T

I started using MMJ after struggling to get my A1C &  bloodsugars under control.  I was injecting insulin 2x per day. After using MMJ I have been OFF Insulin now for almost a year.

Letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions


U.S. Department of Justice               February 7, 2018 

The Honorable Jeff Sessions 

Attorney General of the United States 

950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW 

Washington, DC 20530-0001 

Dear Mr. Attorney General: 

We are all products of our environment, education and experiences. I wish to enlighten you by sharing my experiences regarding the medical benefits of cannabis. Seven years ago, I would have laughed at someone if he/she told me eating oil from a marijuana plant reduced seizures. I would not even park my car near any business associated with marijuana. Today I am proud to say I am the owner of Holistic Evaluations in Kent, WA, a full medical practice, specializing in pain management in its 6thyear of business. Our doctors provide primary care and evaluate patients for medical cannabis authorizations. 

I have two stories. In 2012, one of our first patients, a five-year-old little girl in a wheel chair brought in by her parents. The girl was suffering up 30 seizure per week and could not walk or attend school. When she returned 6 months later to renew her medical authorization, SHE WALKED into my clinic, drew a picture and I was told she was attending kindergarten. NOW THAT WAS A MIRACLE FROM GOD CALLED CBD CANNABIS OIL! 

The second story from January 2018 comes from the mother of our patient. We will call her “Crying Mother Anne”. She has a 31-year-old son with epilepsy, autism, and severe behavior disorders. Her son’s illness has torn apart their family for 31 years. They are getting on in age and had to find alternative housing for their son. Their son’s neurologist prescribed 25 different medications without success. However, because of Federal laws and the stigma associated with cannabis, he cannot receive the only medical treatment that works for him while living in federally funded housing. 

The Federal laws need to change so patients with a state medical cannabis authorization can be treated with medical cannabis when receiving Medicare and Medicaid or living in federally funded housing, such as adult family homes and senior housing. Let’s also not forget the Veterans. My Father received the Bronze Star for fighting in the Battle of the Bulge in World War II; I have a soft spot in my heart for Veterans. Ten percent of my patients are Veterans suffering with PTSD who report amazing success with cannabis treatment. Our pain management patients will also tell you cannabis is a Godsend and a fabulous alternative to narcotics and opiates as its use improves their quality of life. Some people cannot tolerate pharmaceuticals prescribed by their doctors; others are helplessly addicted. God, put this plant on Earth for us to use wisely. 

There is a US pharmaceutical company doing its third round of clinical trials with FDA approval for treating specific types of seizures with cannabis oil. How is continued approval by the FDA allowed for these medical cannabis trials after the “Cole Memorandum” was rescinded? 

I urge you to come to Washington State and experience for yourself current medical research, an operating research grow, and to consider our patients’ and their family’s needs. I also encourage you to be a guest in my home to meet some of our patients. In regards to my character, I can provide references from several leaders in Washington State upon request. 

Please take the time to review the enclosed documentation/links. This research will explain how CBD from the cannabis plant races to the brain upon entering the bloodstream and attaches to the brain receptors to repair them. I personally know it works because I am a patient who has recovered from a severe frontal lobe head injury and a stroke, by using CBD from cannabis. This type of recovery is a slow process, but the goal is recovery. Any person with any type of neurological disorder can benefit from consuming any cannabis plant with CBD. 

My sincere thank you, 

Gwen Bartol, Owner 

Holistic Evaluations 


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Email Attachment (1): 

(1) Babson Cannabis Symposium, College accredited 4-clock hour course for medical professionals presented by Dr. Uma Dhanabalan, M.D., M.D.H, F.A.A.F.P. 04 April 2015. 


The Honorable Donald Trump, President of the United States 

The Honorable Jay Inslee, Governor of Washington State 

Rick Garza, Director, Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board 

John Wiesman, Washington State Secretary of Health 

Allen St. Pierre, Executive Director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws 


Don Shelton, Executive Editor, Seattle Times